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Turning One

Well, we both cannot believe that next month Petworth Pop Up will be celebrating its first


In just a year we have hosted 11 events and had over 87 small businesses take part in our

markets. We were also approached by Chichester District Council who asked us to go ‘On

tour’ with them to their ‘Market & More at The Cross, Chichester’ and now the National

Trust at Petworth House have asked us to team up with them to co-ordinate a fabulously

exciting Christmas makers market in December too! So, you could say it has been quite a

year for us…… and we feel this is only the start of things to come!

Although for both of us Petworth Pop Up is a side-line to our main jobs, we both are

extremely passionate in what we are doing and love the change it gives us both from our

day-to-day jobs. You could say we both love to have our fingers in many pies and both

having such similar work driven attitudes…..with a bit of fun thrown in as well….. and this is

why we feel this all works so well.

Over the years we have both followed similar paths in wanting to follow our dreams and run

our own businesses. Despite having conventional jobs with security, we gave them up to

open our shops – For Cathy this was back in 2015 as Dales Country Interiors (now called

Maggie & Belle), and for Georgie it was back in 2018 As Kissed By Betty and now GK Creative Consultancy. This drive and passion have certainly been the recipe which was needed to start

this journey and one we hope to set as examples for our children.

Its defiantly not an easy path to choose, especially in the start or when faced with a global

pandemic, rising living costs, being single working parents and childcare to arrange!

However, having each other to bounce ideas off has been fantastic and gives us the

confidence to be a little bit braver or bolder in business decisions. Because there are two of

us, it has helped us grow and find strength - even now in our own businesses!

We both feel the best bits of our Pop Up journey are our customers – the wonderful and

talented stallholders. We love meeting new faces, seeing our regulars and getting to know

all our incredible stall holders - their stories and their journeys of how they became the

business they are today! Many of these are so inspiring and all come from a similar place –

passion and drive to succeed in creating something beautiful. We also love seeing our

stallholder’s network with each other, chatting, giving tips and support and even becoming

friends. It is everything and more we hoped for.

We see the future is bright and with the way that the rapidly changing consumers buying

habits are going there is definitely more focus on the handcrafted industry booming and the

desire to shop local, shop independent and buy British!

The dreams we have, and continue to work towards, are; getting a networking evening

organised (which we know we keep saying every month, growing our online platform, to

continue our ‘on tour’ partnerships with other organisations and to FINALLY one

day….maybe one day… have our very own bricks and mortar shop! So watch this space and

lets see where year two takes us!


G&C xxx

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