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Wax & Willow - Fireside - Reed Diffuser - 165ml



Wax and Willow is a small, independent business created by myself, Ursula, a passionate candlemaker with a love of all things natural and beautiful.

I have always enjoyed filling my home with beautiful fragrance, so began the process of making, experimenting, and testing, to refine my products until I was confident that I had created a truly exceptional candle range. I have gone on to be in House and Garden magazine, made exclusive ranges for companies and sell my products in various outlets.

My candles are all hand made by me with the finest natural ingredients including soy wax and highest cosmetic grade Fragrance oils. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful chemicals. I also offer a line of reed diffusers and room mists, all made with the same high-quality ingredients.

I hope you'll visit my website to learn more about Wax and Willow and my products.,

Wax & Willow - Fireside - Reed Diffuser

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