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Sussex Seed Balls - Medium Wild Flower Seed Balls in Jar with Pot Pourri


Delicate glass jars with eco-friendly cork stoppers, filled with our Wildflower Mix conservation seed balls & pot pourri mix. Available in 4 sizes:

Large (29cm tall x 10cm wide, 1.5L capacity)

Medium (25cm tall x 10cm wide, 1.2L capacity)

Small (19cm tall x 10cm wide, 0.8L capacity)

Extra Small (15cm tall x 10cm wide, 0.5L capacity)


Perfect as a gift or decoration for your table, and then plant the seed balls in the spring! 


Contents: 1 decorative glass jar, containing Wildflower Mix small-batch conservation seed balls & pot pourri, with full planting instructions (printed on recycled card).

Plant in spring & create your own wildflower garden!

Seedball ingredients: Wildflower seed mix, peat-free compost, clay & chilli powder.

Made carefully by hand in Worthing.

Glass jar can be re-used or recycled.

Sussex Seed Balls - Medium - Wild Flower Seed Balls in Jar

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