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Francesca’s Garden – 30cl candle
English pear, quince, honey, freesia, rose, rhubarb, pathcouli, amber, musk
Inspired by the scent of an English garden, Francesca’s Garden is a sweet, floral fragrance of
fresh English pear, quince, honey and rhubarb, with soft undertones of white freesia and
climbing rose. An uplifting fragrance that brings to mind the heady scent of a country
garden in full bloom.
220g of soy wax with a burn time of 35-40 hours
Handpoured locally using pure soy wax. The only thing we add are the highest quality
sustainable fragrance and essentail oils to scent  your candle.
Mawgans was founded with the purpose of harnessing the emotive and therapeutic
potential of scent to elevate people’s lives. I believe that scent has the ability to evoke
memories and stimulate emotions, even during times of stress or low energy.

Francesca's Garden - Candle - Mawgans

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