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Ceramic Match Pot – Cornish White 
This is our Cornish White Match pot, hand thrown by The Cornish Potter. A beautiful
turquoise inspired by the seas of the Cornish coast. Every handmade matchpot has over 50
matches and a match striker neatly placed on the bottom, so lighting your Mawgans candle
is a simple, and soothing process. 
These beautiful ceramics are designed to be kept, cherished, refilled and reused, long after
your first set of matches have been used. Delight in the knowledge that each match pot is
unique and enjoy the natural lines, curves and colour variations that give every piece a
distinct personality of its own.
Choose which colour match head you prefer from the drop down menu (white, grey or
At Mawgans, we pride ourselves on simplicity and sustainability. We are passionate about
bringing you beautiful fragrances to fill your home while finding ways to reduce waste and
create products that will last.

Cornish White - Ceramic Match Pot - Mawgans

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